Golden Wedding of Black Holes and Thermodynamics

An Online Celebration

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Níckolas de Aguiar Alves

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Hello, there! I’m Níck, a theoretical physicist. I just got my MSc degree at the Federal University of ABC, a bit after getting my BSc at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Physics. I have recently been studying how to use the functional renormalization group to understand nonperturbative phenomena within quantum field theory in curved spacetime and I am particularly attracted to the intersections of work happening in high energy physics, mathematical physics, and gravitational physics.

Bruno Arderucio Costa

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About me:

Ricardo Correa da Silva

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About me:

Daine Danielson

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I’m a PhD candidate and Hertz Fellow at the University of Chicago, in the Enrico Fermi Institute and Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics. My research interests include quantum gravity, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, quantum information theory, and black holes. Lately I have been particularly interested in gravitationally mediated entanglement and decoherence, infrared symmetries and memory effects in quantum field theory and gravity, and theoretical aspects of laboratory probes of quantum gravity.

You can find my recent work, contact information, and CV at

Antônio Duarte Pereira Junior

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I am an assistant professor at Fluminense Federal University. Until very recently, I was a VENI fellow at Radboud University in Nijmegen. My research has been mainly focused on non-perturbative aspects of quantum field theories with particular interest in the asymptotic safety scenario for quantum gravity.

Rafael Grossi e Fonseca

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I’m Rafael, as you can probably tell by the tag above.

I got my BSc in Physics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and I am currently getting my MSc in Mathematical Physics at the University of São Paulo.

I am generally interested in mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and in the intersection between pure mathematics and theoretical physics. I am currently working on extending the description of Bell’s inequalities in QFT to more general spacetimes and the consequences of such generalization.

Caio César Rodrigues Evangelista

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Hey Folks! I’m Caio, I’m currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at the Federal University of Ceará. I work as a undergrad research assistant in the Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation Group, and I have been working mainly in aspects of the Unruh effect, Hawking radiation and black hole shadows. You can find out more about me here.