Golden Wedding of Black Holes and Thermodynamics

An Online Celebration

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Níckolas de Aguiar Alves

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Hello, there! I’m Níck, a theoretical physicist. I just got my MSc degree at the Federal University of ABC, a bit after getting my BSc at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Physics. I have recently been studying how to use the functional renormalization group to understand nonperturbative phenomena within quantum field theory in curved spacetime and I am particularly attracted to the intersections of work happening in high energy physics, mathematical physics, and gravitational physics.

Bruno Arderucio Costa

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About me:

Ricardo Correa da Silva

Daine Danielson

Antônio Duarte Pereira Junior

Rafael Grossi e Fonseca

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I’m Rafael, as you can probably tell by the tag above.

I got my BSc in Physics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais and I am currently getting my MSc in Mathematical Physics at the University of São Paulo.

I am generally interested in mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and in the intersection between pure mathematics and theoretical physics. I am currently working on extending the description of Bell’s inequalities in QFT to more general spacetimes and the consequences of such generalization.

Caio César Rodrigues Evangelista

Hey Folks! I’m Caio, a a future theoretical physicist currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at the Federal University of Ceará. I work as a research assistant in the Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation Group there and I have been working mainly in aspects of the Unruh effect, Hawking radiation and black hole shadows. You can find out more about me here