Golden Wedding of Black Holes and Thermodynamics

An Online Celebration

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Black Hole Thermodynamics

Lecturers: Dr. Bruno Arderucio Costa (National Autonomous University of Mexico – Mexico) and Dominic Ryder (London School of Economics – United Kingdom)

Dates: October 23rd, 25th, 27th, 30th, November 1st, 3rd

Schedule: 3 pm–5 pm (UTC), 12 pm–2 pm (BRT)

Description: We present the zeroth, first and second laws of black hole mechanics and the necessary mathematical tools for their understanding. Along the way, the student will be introduced to several concepts in general relativity and Lorentzian geometry, such as ADM mass and angular momentum, congruences of causal curves, Jacobi fields, Killing fields and bifurcate horizons, conjugate points, achronal boundaries, and energy conditions. We then briefly show how these laws turned into laws of black hole thermodynamics and their current status. The final lecture is dedicated to the physical aspects of black hole evaporation and contemporary lines of investigation.

Pre-Requisites: A standard introductory course in general relativity.

Lecture notes:

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